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This is one of the least expected thi...

This is one of the least expected things you could find HIDDEN in a church!
Many weird things could be found in old building, and in churches in particular! Old buildings, churches included, tend to also have very weird and creepy structures that aren’t immediately visible to the eye. These pictures were taken by a Reddit user, Plosil, while visiting a church. ┬áIn his visit he needed to use the restroom and was [...]

AMAZING species from the animal kingd...

AMAZING species from the animal kingdom that you’ve NEVER seen before!
Here’s a bunch of animals that you’ve probably never seen before! Warning: a couple of them are downright creepy and I’d never want to come face to face with them! Okapi Thorny Dragon Narwhal Penis Snake Red-lipped Batfish The Pacu [...]

BREATHTAKING places that don’t ...

Lapland, Finland
    Metro – Stockholm, Swedenok, I know this isnt exactly the type of thing you’d expect from the title, but it amazed me all the same.. So it’s gonna be the first.. This is another shot of the same place.. I wonder what a person who’s never seen this would think if they suddenly find themselves there   [...]

Check out these HILARIOUS Shakespeare...

William Shakespeare portrait
  Sorry guys, I saw this pic and HAD to put it in this post :D I’m assuming there’s no need for an intro for a legend like himself, so, as he would’ve said ‘let us starteth’.. or something like that.. “You should be women and yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so.” -Macbeth & [...]

trial 1

Caption for experiment   WOOT WOOT WOOT trial blablablabla dg g g sggrsd sgr   Share and Enjoy

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